Conscious Transition

Our role is to guide you through the alchemy of conscious transition. We enable you to discover a new dream and provide you with the platform to make it happen by applying disciplined process for extraordinary results.

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About Footbridge

Footbridge is an organisation that develops and runs inspiring workshops and unique retreats in beautiful settings to help awaken and release the full potential within people.

We are a group of highly experienced coaches and facilitators who have come together to create Footbridge. Our aspiration is to help people at a turning point in their life to see what is possible and to empower them to bring about the change they want.

Our purpose is to help people fulfil their biggest aspirations while enhancing their ability to adapt to the speed of change in today’s world.

We are often asked where the name Footbridge came from and we like to share the story because it reinforces our original intention when we repeat it.

We are committed to use our experience and the processes we have developed for the benefit of individuals. Many of us have worked within the corporate world in the past and some of us still do, which contributes useful experience to our group. However, there are not many organisations like Footbridge whose specific intention is to make this powerful process available to individuals who want to bring about significant change in their lives.

So, we have a picture in our mind of our clients walking a path and reaching a point where they want to shift from the place they are to a new place. At this point they will need a bridge to carry them to the new place – a bridge built for individuals ….. a footbridge.

This workshop has really helped me move into a new phase of life, and let go the old, and clarify the direction to move into and how to make my dreams come true in a highly practical way.

Patrick Holford, Nutritionist and Author


Our workshops are aimed at helping you identify, navigate and manage change through a process we call conscious transition. We are here to help individuals to be empowered to make decisions about their future. The empowered individual has the capability to influence and affect the outcomes of events and change perceptions.

Residential workshops last between 3 and 5 days, depending on content and location, and include:

  • An opportunity to explore and experience a range of practices to support you in your personal journey and help you connect with your intuition
  • Space for reflection and community for conversation
  • Personal coaching to develop awareness, explore new directions and accelerate change

Participants will be part of a small group working with professional guides as well as being supported individually at every stage of an experiential and interactive workshop.

We also run taster events.

Empowering Change workshops will be taking place in the UK and at a variety of overseas locations – dates are shown below. Stepping Out workshops are arranged on a bespoke basis with the corporate sponsor.

3-day residential workshop 10 am Friday 25 November to 5.30 pm Sunday 27 November 2016 Country House venue in Gloucestershire
New workshop dates for 2017 will be announced shortly
We are also planning overseas workshops in 2017 (dates to be confirmed) Marrakech (Morocco) and Chiang Mai (Thailand)

What was best was having been allowed to explore my feelings and emotions in an amazing, safe environment; the close attention that was paid to what I was saying; and feeling really valued for who I was.

Helena Reimann – Finance Manager, Lightbox Consulting


Empowering Change Workshop

We all face times in our lives when we need to step back and take a fresh perspective on where we are. Sometimes that leads to making changes and setting a new direction. Are you at one of these turning points? Are you asking, “What now, what next?”

Do you want to explore new directions and find a new path in life?
Do you want to discover what the next phase might bring?
Do you want to create new choices and possibilities?

The purpose of the Empowering Change workshop is to help people make a shift and open to a new path or a new way of living their life with more meaning.

The trust and openness displayed by the facilitators was a great modeling for creating the container of safety, trust and honesty. The desire to learn in the serenity and beauty of the house was infectious. It felt like a truly non-judgmental environment and none of the facilitators fell into the trap of ‘telling’, but created the space for exploring and reflection; our outcomes were our own.

Catherine Thomson, Managing Partner at The Houston Exchange


Stepping Out Workshop

You may be leaving a job that you have had for a long time and wondering what next. We offer tailored programmes to help people feel positive about the future.

How do you find your feet in a new context?
How do you maximise your personal power and strength?
How can you learn how to stay positive in the face of change?

The purpose of the Stepping Out workshop is to help organisations support people as they are leaving so that they can work out how to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead.

An invaluable life-changing workshop. Experienced, warm, professional, kind, friendly and caring facilitators provided a space and schedule which easily and happily brought out the buried, hidden real me.  The three days spent with the Footbridge team have been the best three days I’ve spent in decades. My colleagues and friends are in awe of the positive professional and personal changes I returned with. I’d like to go back and do it all over again so I can savour every moment. You’ve created something unique which is invaluable. This has been somewhere where it’s been safe and easy to bring out and explore without judgment. Thank you, I will never forget this time or any of you.

Sajida Kosar – General Manager – TheTin Limited

Coaching & Community

While all our guides have a variety of different backgrounds and skills, we have all been trained in the ways of Jim Ewing – the compassionate, creative and intuitive coach who died in 2014. One of our aims is to introduce Jim’s powerful tools to the individuals who want and need them and, in doing so, help bring clarity and energy at a time of change.

A workshop is an incredibly powerful way of opening to new ideas and setting new patterns. However, it can be difficult to maintain the change momentum on your own. So many of our clients continue to work with one of our guides after the workshop to maintain momentum. Personal coaching is a reliable support system to help fulfil your biggest aspirations and to fully embody the insights and changes that you identified during the workshop.

After you have participated in one of our workshops, you might like to join our community as a way of keeping in touch as you progress along your new path.

How can I tell if these workshops are right for me now?

See how many of these questions you answer “Yes” to –

  • Am I entering a new phase of my life / career and this is an ideal time to re-evaluate where I am now and where I want to go in the future?
  • Are there areas of my life / career which I currently find unfulfilling or unsatisfactory and now is a good time to address these niggling feelings?
  • Do I just keep thinking that there is more to life than this?
  • Is there a gap for me between where I am now and where I want to be in the future?
  • Do I have a number of options floating around in my head and I find it hard to commit to a clear course of action?
  • Am I up for re-evaluating how I approach my life right now and identifying areas that I want to change / adapt?
  • Am I clear about what is really important to me about the next phase of my life and how to honour those values?
  • Do I know what holds me back eg some limiting beliefs or patterns and am I up for addressing these?
  • Do I sometimes stop myself and would it be useful to work with others to help me go for it – in a supported and caring environment?
  • Am I ready to challenge my old ways of thinking and behaving and open my mind to new possibilities?
  • Am I really at that point where I want to make things happen?

If these questions fill you with excitement and curiosity and your natural instinct is telling you to go for it – then this workshop is probably for you, right now!

The workshop is probably not for you right now if –

  • your overwhelming response is one of resistance or dread
  • you’re only coming because you think you ought to or to please someone else
  • you’re curious to come along, but you actually have no intention of committing to any decisions or actions as a result



Footbridge has been established by a group of highly experienced coaches and facilitators who have come together from different walks of life to honour their dream of creating a new, powerful yet safe way of exploring personal growth and transformation. We are all trained in and licensed to use Jim Ewing’s disciplines for personal change.

Diana Blanchard - Guide - change your life and how to achieve goals

Diana Blanchard is a facilitator trained in Voice Dialogue and the EmpowerMAP. She creates a welcoming, warm and safe space that supports clients as they undertake personal exploration of their lives. She originally trained as a professional dancer at Ballet Rambert and later started Blanchard, an interior design practice specialising in international residential projects.  She is also a certified Reiki practitioner and works for two charities that operate in the Himalayas.  Diana lives in the Slad Valley in Gloucestershire.

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Ivor Twydell - Guide - change your life and how to achieve goals

Ivor Twydell is an executive coach (PCC, ICF), workshop facilitator and professionally qualified Mindfulness teacher who specialises in conscious leadership. With a background of over 20 years in senior positions in the UK police service, Ivor has extensive experience of helping awaken the innate resources in people so they can successfully lead both themselves and others in often challenging situations. Drawing on a comprehensive coaching repertoire that includes Voice Dialogue he works intuitively with his clients to bring about greater self-awareness and choice in their lives. He lives in Gloucestershire.

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Richard Mott - Guide - change your life and how to achieve goals

Richard Mott has been a guide and mentor for senior executives for the last 10 years. Prior to that he founded, ran and eventually sold a highly-respected consulting business where for 25 years he worked as a brand strategy consultant to a wide range of well-known organisations. He has written and published a book called Holistic Business, Living in 3D. He also teaches Tai Chi and practices energy rebalancing and massage. Richard lives near Hungerford.

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